Facebook hazards: Gang involved in alluring boys busted


After being used in Karachi, Facebook is also being utilized for kidnapping in Punjab as police busted a gang involved in alluring boys through social networking site Facebook to kidnap them for ransom. A few months back, a teenage boy was kidnapped in Karachi using similar tactics.

The gang, which had the backing of a police officer’s son, was caught in the Gujranwala District of Eastern Province of Punjab. The local police claim that the gang includes a couple, husband and wife, and the son of a Station House Officer (SHO) of a local police station. The female member of the group, Sheeza, entraps boys by befriending them on Facebook, paving way for their abduction. After successfully befriending them she tries to develop phone contact and asks to meet up. As soon as the boy agrees, he is abducted by the group. The initial probe reveals that boys who have been in contact with Sheeza are targeted and then shifted to border city of Sialkot. Later on the relatives of the abducted boy are contacted to get the ransom. Facebook is considered as the most popular social networking site in Pakistan which has over 10 million registered users out of which 34 percent are female users


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