Youths kill their fathers in Karachi & Bahawalpur


A young girl shot her father to death and surrendered herself to the police with the weapon of murder in Bahawalpur on Thursday night.

The father, Ayub, had been married thrice and was sentenced to life imprisonment by the court over triple murder charges of killing his first wife and her parents in Tehsil Ahmadpur Sharqia of Bahawalpur.

However, he managed to get set free from imprisonment after a few years and had gotten married again. He was an abusive husband and father.

The girl had killed him to save her honor.

In Karachi, a boy killed his own father to avenge the lifelong torture his mother had been put through.

The 22 year old boy hit his father with an iron tool to stop him from abusing his mother. The blow to the father’s head instantly killed him in Irfan Town area of Karachi’s North Nazimabad Town.

The police took the boy into custody.

“I lost my self control today, when I saw my father torturing my mother brutally again. I was carrying an iron tool in hand and hit him with that in anger,” said the boy, stating that he had not killed his father intentionally.