Ben Affleck on Batman: Says he can handle the flak


Guess what, trolls? Ben Affleck isn’t worried about your Bat Hate. The actor spoke for the first time Monday night about the blowback from his casting as Batman in the upcoming “Superman vs. Batman.” “They called me up and said, ‘Do you wanna do this?’ And I thought, ‘Well, I’m not 25, man. Are you sure about this?'” Affleck told Jimmy Fallon on Monday night about the offer to follow Christian Bale’s iconic take on the brooding superhero in the “Dark Knight” series. Once Affleck saw what director Zack Snyder had in mind, he said he was totally sold on the concept. “It’s this incredible take on it,” he said cryptically, alluding to the fact that he couldn’t imagine trying to mimic what Bale did. “He wants to do something different, but still in keeping with that. I thought, ‘This is a brilliant way to do this and I really know how to hook into this.’ I said, ‘I want to do this.’ ” Affleck said he was excited, the studio was excited, but then executives pulled him aside for a little talk about the sometimes trying process of putting on the cowl. So, they showed him some of the past reactions from fans on the Internet about other, unnamed, superhero roles. “They send me [reactions for] people who were in these movies who did a great job and they’d say, ‘Kill himmm!'” Affleck said. “You can’t say that before a movie comes out. It doesn’t matter what you think then, it matters what you think when you see the movie.”


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