Woman injured by unprovoked Indian troops’ firing along LoC | Pakistan Today

Woman injured by unprovoked Indian troops’ firing along LoC

A woman was injured when Indian forces opened unprovoked firing on her in Dheri area of Nakyal Sector along the Line of Control in Azad Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday.

The Pakistan Army retaliated in a befitting manner.

The intermittent clashes between Pakistani and Indian forces threaten to jeopardise a planned meeting between the two countries’ prime ministers on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York this month.

A ceasefire has been in force along the Line of Control since 2003 despite sporadic violations on both sides.

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    • A.K. said:

      Why shame on Indians, Moron ? Your army is a rogue army and want to run the foreign policy. They are doing same what they did during Kargil instrusion – backstabbing Nawaz Sharif. After shameful defeats it is scared to fight a direct war that's why proxy war or cowardly attacks. It is only good in savagery.

  1. Desi from Lahore said:

    This is absurd,both of you are idiots, no difference between you and the politicians.Both sides are playing this game and they need to stop before thousands of innocent people pay the price,on both sides that is.I say shame on bot the countries.When are we going to learn that war is not the answer,killing each other will not solve the issue. You don't want to be friends with each other? fine,at least stop finger…ing each other over petty issues.

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