Use of force last option against terrorists: Nawaz



Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday said there were several options available to tackle terrorism, but the use of force would only be used as a last resort.

In an interview to Turkish media, the prime minister stated that force would be used as a last resort as the government wanted to avoid further loss of life.

“Our challenge is to root out this menace (terrorism) from our midst. Pakistan needs cooperation and support of international community and our neighbours for controlling funding, supply of arms and training to terror networks.”

The prime minister said his government was ready to hold dialogue with those who were ready to shun extremism.

To a question regarding Pakistan’s relations with India, the prime minister said recent tensions along the Line of Control (LoC) were a matter of concern. “Pakistan will continue to respond to the situation with restraint and responsibility.”

Nawaz said Pakistan was committed to a serious, sustained and constructive engagement with India that must include the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir.

Asked about the US drone strikes in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas, the prime minister said they not only violated the country’s sovereignty and international laws, but were also counterproductive and led to further radicalisation.

“These strikes undermine our collective efforts to counter extremism and terrorism. We hope that there is a rethink in the US about the utility of the drone strikes.”

The prime minister said his visit was aimed at putting in place institutional mechanisms‚ which would provide a strong platform for further cementing economic ties between the two countries.

He called upon Turkish businessmen and entrepreneurs to invest in Pakistan in sectors like energy‚ infrastructure‚ engineering and agro-based industry.

Nawaz said Pakistan had liberalised its economy and was successfully marching towards market economy. He said the private sector had assumed the role of frontline player in the economic field. He said Pakistan was an investor-friendly country and offered equal treatment to local and foreign investors. He said that all sectors were open for foreign investment under complete legal protection.

Nawaz said peace and stability in Afghanistan was directly linked with peace and stability in Pakistan, adding that his government would continue to extend sincere support for the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan.


  1. That policy makes no sense. The terrorist's first and only choice is violence.

    Learn from Sri Lanka. They are perhaps the only nation in history to have smashed a terrorist movement.

    • The comparision is not valid. The tamil tigers were fighting for a separate homeland. In pakistan the TTP is fighting to take over the nation. The end justifies the means.

      • The Tamil Tigers were fighting for a separate homeland but using the tools of terror to achieve it.

        Whether for all or part of a country, terror is terror and a state must respond ruthlessly when faced with a merciless foe.

        I also wonder how murder can ever be justified and agree that in some cases the ends may justify the means but not always.

        • Totally agree with you these terrorists should be handled the same way SL handled LTTE where it fought for almost two decades and finally brought down its leadership. Pakistan should absolutely not surrender against the idiology of these thugs because once it does, their demands will never end which includes the imposition of "their" brand of Shriah.

  2. Use of force against the terrorists should be the only option on the table MR.PM.If you honestly believe that they will bow their heads to your demands then you are stupider than you look with that hair.Why waste time,get it done before its too late.On one side you want to grow the economy and on the other side you want to play this game with the terrorists? They kill their own,they don't care about what you and the Pakistani people want.

    • I agree 100% with you. Talking to the terrorists just emboldens them. They need to be broken before even agreeing to talk too them

  3. If state wants to eliminate these home made breed then it is not problem for them, they can be removed from scene as they did to Laiquat ali khan, bhuttos.Point is they are still our northern strategic asset, just like Altaf and his group is out southern monetary asset.Pakistani establishment using both forces for their personal benefits.In south nadeem hasmi is gifted to Altaf on his Bday just like we are releasing Talibans from our jail to make happy our northern alliance, no matters how much soldiers or civilians are blown by them.

  4. How can Nawaz & Imran fight Talibans seriously? After all, they helped them literally to walk over the dead bodies of ANP, MQP & PPP (banned by Taliban from election campaign) to gain power.

  5. Dear PM, We first elected us to lead us against the enemies of the state. You asked for more backing through APC. You got it. You asked the views of the COAS in secret. You have it. The time has come to act. The journey may be long and ardous but it has to begin. The Govt. is being mocked, castigated, snubbed and dictated to everyday. Every day of inaction brings provocation!You can either choose to be Chamberlain(appeaser) or ?Hitler but please act before we are forced to sign a treaty of versailes by our soon to be conqueres. Despair and despondency is everywhere.

  6. wealth seeking,business empires building.pea brained,cowardly so called leaders will keep thinking trillions of dollars while bation and country sinks.the slaves of wetern philosphy of free market economy are enemies of poor and is better get rid of them soonest

  7. Nawaz sharif and Imran Khan are either stupid or cowards, despite their bravado.
    They may be patriotic, but God save us from such low IQ leaders.

    • Neither Nawaz nor Imran have low iQ. The question to asked whether they have the resolve or the ability to put their mouth where their foot is?

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