Indo-Pak conflict would be disastrous: Dobbins


Any conflict between the nuclear-armed India and Pakistan would be disastrous not only for the two South Asian neighbours but also the region and the world said United States Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan James Dobbins.

Addressing a press conference at the Washington Foreign Press Center, the US diplomat said the US would support initiatives which would lead to an improvement in the relationship between the two countries.

Dobbins said the US supports improved Afghanistan-Pakistan relations, specifically because it would alleviate some of the pressures and tensions that gave rise to the Afghanistan conflict.

Responding to a question, Dobbins said US-Pakistan relations had improved.

Referring to the May 2013 general elections in Pakistan, Dobbins said, “It is clear that we now have a government that has the people’s mandate, a clear majority in the parliament and is committed to moving forward on the security and economic agenda. We are anxious to be helpful and they are anxious to work with us in order to allow us to be helpful.”