6 day deadline to public transport owners to uninstall CNG cylinders


District Administration has granted owners of public transport a six day deadline to uninstall CNG cylinders from their vehicles and a failure to comply will necessitate action against them.

According to reports, this warning was issued during the joint meeting of District Admin and owners of Wagons and Suzukis, in which administration said that it will start uninstalling the CNG cylinders from next Monday if vehicle owner failed to do so themselves.

District Coordinating Officer (DCO), Zafar Gondal, responding to the transporters’ demand to increase their rates of fare said that the transporters should present their demands in written form.

He said that their demands will be sent to the Punjab government but transporters will be not allowed to increase the rates of fare by themselves

On this occasion, representatives of transporters said that, first vehicle owners were forced to convert our transport from petrol to CNG and now thet are again being forced to convert the vehicles from CNG to petrol.

They said, transporters are ready to revert to petrol engines but the government should give provide them with a subsidy or allow them to increase the fare rates.


  1. Transporters these days showing more power over passengers. By increasing fare rates they are stealing money from passengers and I don't think it's a very good idea. I think government decision is very correct on the CNG cylinders removing issue. Thanks.

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