Substandard food cafeterias functioning unnoticed in hospitals


The substandard food cafeterias and stalls at hospitals in Islamabad are functioning unnoticed, taking a heavy toll on health of visitors, while authorities concerned are not bothered to address this issue.

The food being sold in these canteens and outdoor stalls of hospitals is often unhygienic and substandard, causing many health problems.

It was learnt that public places in the city are offering substandard food due to the concerned authorities’ failure to maintain a check. Due to the lack of a food inspection system in the capital, people are suffering from food poisoning and other related diseases.

There are many small food stalls and roadside vendors seen in public parks, hospitals and recreation resorts, selling low-quality food that is hazardous to the health of people.

The patients of food poisoning mostly belong to surrounding areas of Islamabad. Due to a lack of health facilities in these areas, they have to visit hospitals in Islamabad for treatment.