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Flour prices skyrocket to unprecedented highs

The price of flour skyrocketed to historical highs much to the disappointment of Lahoriites who had pinned great hopes with the new government for some relief and respite from the grinding hyper-inflation.
The citizens said that bread’s prices should have been controlled by the rulers as it was a necessary commodity. However, belying all hopes, the price of chakki flour shot up from Rs37 to Rs46 per kilo.
Retailers attributed the sudden surge in prices to the phenomenal increase in power tariffs and petroleum product prices. The consumers appeared highly frustrated with these new developments as the latter were extremely divergent from the promises made by the ruling party, whom the consumers had wholeheartedly supported in the hope for a better future.
Bread, which was selling at Rs 6 per piece, is now available at Rs 8 per piece. This is beyond the reach of most of the underprivileged wage earners whom, along with their families, will be forced to sleep hungry or half fed these days.

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  1. hazur said:

    I am not surprised that no lahori commented on this news which exposes their shallow-mindedness

  2. Fact said:

    I am sure SS would take immediate action and order to sell roti for Rs 2 only. Perhaps SS has not heard about high price of roti yet.

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