Nonpayment of examination duty compensation sparks dismay among teachers


The nonpayment for paper marking, checking fees and the compensation to the teaching staff deployed in examination centers by Rawalpindi’s Education Board sparked dismay among the teachers.
The teachers and invigilators said that the board had not paid them their compensation for performing examination center duties and their paper marking and checking fees for the past 17 months.
“We are men of flesh and blood and we have to run our family’s expenses but the board authorities have deprived us of the compensation and are treating us similar to mechanical beings”, a group of teachers said.
Sources said that the per-day compensation for those performing examination center duties should be fixed at Rs 1,000 but the staff was being paid at lower rates.
However, Rs 600 and Rs 900 were being paid as a single and double day’s compensation to superintendants, respectively. Moreover, Rs 500 and Rs 700 were being paid for the same durations to deputy superintendents, respectively, while Rs 400 and Rs 550 were being paid to other examination staff personnel for single and double days, respectively.