Honour killing: Girl and her boyfriend gunned down


A girl and her boyfriend were shot dead for getting married to each other as they emerged from their houses on Saturday.

According to police reports the girl left her house located in Goth Aliabad, Shikarpur, but she was shot after she met up with her boyfriend on Link Road.

Police have shifted the bodies to the Taluka Hospital and are currently searching for the accused.


  1. It's terrible and sad event. Our religion does not prohibit either a man or a woman to choose their own partner. What a sick mind-set it is to prevent two human beings enter into a matrimonial relationship of their choice. Allah will not be kind to the killers or people behind this brutality.

  2. if they will kill them for the sake of their honour …..
    I m telling u boys and girls will never convert there relation tO enter into matrimonial relationship.
    they will ditch one another just because of the fear of being killed.
    They cant stop them to meet, for going out for the hangouts I would say dates.
    but yes when they come to know they kill them…..1st step is don’t let your children go out with their friends…..if u r insecure. but killing them is not the way u idiots.
    abhi tou honour wapis mil gyaa hogaa naa ??? phly jo baat ik area sy bahir nahi ani thinagar ap accept krty jo ab poori duniaa ko ptaa chal gai ae

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