Bhatta men blow up truck in Quaidabad


Miscreants from the Bhatta mafia blew up a truck in the metropolis area of Quaidabad’s Gulshan-e-Buner as the truck’s owner turned down their demand for extortion money.

The blast that took place moments after midnight, was so powerful that it harmed two nearby shops; however, no casualties were reported in the bang.

According to the truck owner, he was being threatened to give extortion money worth Rs.1.5 million for the last few days. The owner also lodged a complaint at Quaidabad Police Station; however, no appropriate action was taken up.

SP Malir Dr. Najeeb, while visiting the blast site to gather clues, said he does not know the causes behind the crime.


  1. i am totally confused operation against extoxtionist and bhatta mafia or against political party which has 85% mandate

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