Iranian think-tanks visits CISS


Scholars from the Iranian think-tank, the Noor Institute of Future Studies, visited the Center for International Strategic Studies (CISS) on Thursday for an introductory visit to the centre.
CISS Executive Director Ambassador Ali Sarwar Naqvi welcomed the delegates and briefed them on the research carried out at the centre.
He informed the delegation that the CISS was an independent think-tank which independently carried out its objectives and developmental analysis in the fields of strategy and foreign policy.
The delegation’s head, Dr Sadollah Zarei Noor told the participants about the work carried out at his institution.
He said that Pakistan’s foreign policy was also monitored at his institution.
“The policy work is divided into regional desks and the inputs of this research are sent to the Iranian Foreign Sffairs Ministry. The Noor Institute’s Staff total to approximately 200 researchers. The institute also has the support of about 100 university professors who also give their inputs regularly,” he said.
Zarei emphasised on the need to have collaborative links with the CISS in the future.