Indian techie sentenced to nine months in prison for sexual assault in US


Indians are not only molesting their own women in the country but making bad name to their country abroad too by sexually assaults on women.

An Indian techie has been sentenced to nine months of imprisonment on charges of sexually assaulting an American woman during a flight, and faces deportation to India after serving his sentence, Indian media reported on Thursday.

Srinivasa S Erramilli, 46, a software consultant, has also been fined $5,000 and placed on court supervision for a year after he is released from custody by US District Judge Joan H Lefkow.

“He is prohibited from airline travel while he is on supervised release and he is subject to deportation to India after being released from custody.” The department of justice said.


  1. Haward University study report shows that one in 4 Indian males are involved in some kind of sexual assault. Meaning thereby that 25% of Indian male population consist of rapists. Doing it overseas as well proves that its all in their blood.

  2. In the United States, on a popular police program, "To Catch a (child) Predator", shown on MSNBC, nearly every other child predator was an Indian. In other words, in a country where Indians are less than 1% of the total population, nearly 50% of child predators caught on that show were Indians. INDIA is indeed the rape capital of the world.

  3. yeah right!! what about the pakistani gang in britain that preyed on young white girls ,assaulted them…. ?? what about the daily rapes we here in pakistan these days…they were aways there ur media got up late….what about women being shot in name of honour ….what abt pakistanis killing women in name of honour in canada,britain ,usa
    …pakistan has always been in bad books and will always be….know wonder y no one visits u guys…..

    • Realistically, given the garbage-like smell and cow pi*ss breadth of Indian men, rape is the only way they can get a woman. India is a very large country with a very tiny heart. Always bulling it's smaller neighbors. Shame on India.

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