Wife of Sikandar appeals to court to register case against police, rangers


Ms Kanwal, wife of Sikandar, a primary suspect in the Islamabad incident has filed application in the court of the Additional Sessions Judge Islamabad to register a case against the police, Rangers, administration and Zammurd Khan.

In her application, she pleads that her husband has not committed any act of terror. In her opinion, he was taking her and her children to a marriage function and a brawl took place between him and the traffic police during which the police banged their van into Sikander’s car.

She further said in her application that Zammurd Khan tried to snatch arms from her husband in blue area. Police commandoes encircled them and opened fire leaving them injured.

The court has summoned police and administration on September, 11.


  1. Dumb woman of course the police should bang their car into his vehicle when they see he has not one but TWO illegal automatic weapons in the car and he is not heeding their instructions! You are lucky they didnt shoot you both just because your children were there! What a stupid woman. You deserve a charsi husband like him.

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