Obama directs Kerry to talk to Russians on Syrian issue


President Obama says he prefers diplomacy as opposed to a military strike to assure that the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons never happens again.

In a series of interviews on six major American television networks‚ he said a new Russian proposal to put Syria’s chemical weapon stockpile under international control to avoid a US military strike could be a potential breakthrough.

Obama said he has instructed Secretary of State John Kerry to talk to the Russians about specifics of the proposal.

He conceded he might lose his fight for congressional support of a military strike against Syria and said that a majority of Americans do not want the United States to take such action.


  1. Gum to gum is preferable to gun to gun. The world is tired of wars be it proxy wars or direct . Use of force in the domestic affairs of a country is never justified. Use of force in international relations is not acceptable. May i remind that USA companies have helped Syria to develop chemical weapons. It appears the russians are better diplomats than the americans. Give diplomacy a chance! Mr.President. You were awarded a nobel Peace prize to wage peace—not war.

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