Govt given mandate to establish writ: Shah


Leader of the opposition in the National Assembly on Tuesday said the opposition has given mandate to the government for talks with the militants, now it is up to government to establish its writ.
Talking to reporters at the Parliament House, Khursheed Shah said that the opposition had given mandate to the government for negotiations with the Taliban and now it was the latter’s responsibility to establish its writ.
He said that it is not easy to negotiate with the Pakistani Taliban. He reiterated the opposition’s commitment not to create hurdles for the government when it comes to talk with the Taliban.
Expressing his opinion, Shah said that Pakistan-India relations should be normalised and both countries should improve visa procedure to help people move into each other’s countries freely.
To a question, the PPP leader said he believed that the briefing given by the military authorities in the All Parties Conference was factual and based on truth. Shah added all participants in the APC were on the same page.
About talks with the Taliban, he said that it was easy to negotiate with the Afghan Taliban as compared to the Pakistani Taliban.
He added that the opposition had given mandate to the government to start talks with the Taliban, adding that writ of the government should not be restricted to the Taliban, but to Quetta, Karachi and against sectarianism.
He said the nurseries for the terrorism would expand if not eradicated now.
To another question, Shah said that it’s the 13th time the talks with the Taliban have been initiated but they did not bear fruit.
Over the appointment of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman, Shah suggested that the induction should be completed by September 15 or 16.