Pakistan’s nuclear assets are not in safe hands: British ex-FM


Former British foreign minister, Liam Fox, has termed Pakistan as one of the most sensitive countries in the world as its nuclear assets can slide into the hands of terrorists. In his recent article published in a British newspaper, Fox offers that the law and order situation in Pakistan is more precarious as compared to that of Somalia and Yemen. He also alleges that Jihadist organizations are active and Afghan Talibans are continuously getting support from all sections of society. The British diplomat also criticized the covert actions of Pakistan’s secret agency, Interior Services Intelligence (ISI).On the other hand, Pakistani High Commissioner Wajid Shams-ul-Hassan has condemned Fox’s stance regarding the law and order situation in Pakistan, adding that such negative propaganda may affect the bilateral relations between the two countries. He said that Pakistan is a front-line state in fighting the war on terror, adding that such statements against the Pakistani institutions are also against international regulations.


  1. What a stupid statement by a stupid person sitting in a cosy office with nothing else to do with his time. Some of these people should get to grips with reality, the world's sixth biggest Army is going to be run over by a bunch of thugs no doubt created and supported by them.

  2. Well this is what they want, declaring Pakistan as a failed state n thn take over our nuclear assets. Facile n well planned !

  3. Pakistan has significantly evolved its technical and procedural nuclear security operations since 1998 nuclear tests. Pakistan has a very strong and robust command and control structure. Pakistan’s command and control over its nuclear weapons is compartmentalized and includes strict operational security.Pakistan has been the frontline state in the war on terror for last twelve years and there has not been a single nuclear security incident. .In fifteen years after overt nuclearization, Pakistan’s security record has been par excellence and even better than states where 80 years old nuns could break into top secret nuclear facilities.

  4. Another loose statement from the British Ex-FM that Pakistan nuclear are not in safe hands on the other the dilemma of their nuclear safety is that their Police officers with the elite force that guards Britain’s nuclear power stations have been caught drunk, using drugs, misusing firearms and also accused of sexual harassment and assault which is an extreme height of irresponsibility.

  5. DNSR’s latest report is a potential death knell for the Defense Nuclear Program (DNP), declaring it a “threat to the public and naval personnel.” British should look on their own security and law and order situation as it has become the most dangerous country in the world.

  6. The respected Ex FM seems to forget the recent news headlines that Pakistan is standing with very structured nuclear safety and security measures on the platform of credible minimum deterrence. Noteworthy, terrorism is a global phenomenon from which the whole world is confronting and Pakistan itself a victim to terrorism and played the role of front line ally in GWOT.

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