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APC: A success for govt, but will it deliver?

The government got what it wanted from the APC: a full consensus.

The country’s political leadership vested its full authority in the government to deal with the Taliban and by doing so, the government also gets more time to bring the law and order under control.

It is a good omen to see the political leadership from a diverse background fully supportive of the government, even taking ownership of the decisions taken in the APC, besides highly appreciating the latter’s efforts.

For example, PTI’s Imran Khan termed the resolution and other decisions in line with the PTI manifesto. He said 40 percent of what had been adopted in the APC was part of PTI’s manifesto and expressed full satisfaction over the outcome of the grand meeting of minds.

Even religious parties felt vindicated as evident from the media talk of JI leader Liaquat Baloch, fully endorsing the policy of dialogue.

However, one thing that has not come to light is whether the APC has managed to work out an implementation plan or strategy. Or has the APC deliberated upon how the government will go about from here in dealing with the Taliban and other groups involved in deteriorating law and order? And would there be any timeframe within which to achieve the objectives set forth by the government.

It is not sure if the government had all this in mind as it went into the APC to involve the political leadership for evolving a consensus on how to implement the decision, a senior politician said while reflecting on the APC.

He was of the view that it would have been much better had the APC ended up by forging a core committee to oversee and implement its policy decisions.

Another important factor upon which hinges the success of the government’s future initiative is whether all stakeholders are on the same page.

And here the stakeholders are not only domestic like the government and the Taliban; the Pakistani military, Afghan and US governments are all important stakeholders and their collaboration will be instrumental in forging any breakthrough.

Much depends on how supportive they are towards the initiative of the Pakistani government. The process is so fragile that a drone attack could derail everything achieved with labour of months.

Some analysts are not very hopeful of evolving consensus. They said all such previous efforts failed to yield any result because foreign forces were not very convinced.

Again, the government is depending a lot on the top leadership of the JUI, including Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Samiul Haq.

The two leaders are in touch with the present leadership of the Taliban, but some analysts say the Taliban leaders do not give much importance to both.

Still, the ball is in the government’s court and how effectively and swiftly it moves forward in dealing with the militants and achieving its objectives is only up to it.

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  1. Amanullah Choudry said:

    no momments.wait and see.but nawaz sharif politcal advantage for now

  2. Zaidi said:

    What you think about the presence of shia community in APC.Because they are targeted in all types of attacks in PAKISTAN

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