Parking blues at Blue Area


Lack of parking space in Blue Area is not only aggravating traffic problems but also increasing car-lifting incidents in the capital.

A number of people visit food outlets located in Blue Area everyday, especially on weekends and find difficulty in finding parking space.

A visitor Salman Ahmed said, “I usually have to roam around to find parking space which takes a lot of time.

Ahsan Ali, another visitor told that due to a lot of traffic it takes five to ten minutes to find parking space. “The authorities should take notice of this issue which is worsening every day due to increasing number of vehicles,” he added.

Naeem Hussain, an employee of a private firm in Blue Area said, “Thousands of people are working in multi-storey plazas in this area but lack of parking space has become a source of annoyance.”

When contacted, Capital Development Authority (CDA) spokesman said that the authority was well aware of the parking issue and is striving to resolve the issue by initiating a project.

He further said that the CDA has also asked traders for assistance in this regard. “Owing to financial constraints it is difficult for us to execute the project from available resources,” he opined. The spokesperson also said that appropriate steps will be taken to provide maximum relief to the citizens.