Meera dons the hijab ….. for Islam!


Meera spent around 120 minutes in Abaya to mark World Hijab Day in an event here in Lahore city of the country’s Punjab province. Several Muslim countries including Pakistan celebrate the World Hijab Day every year on September 4. According to a private television channel Express News, the participants of an event to mark the day in Punjab Governor House were shocked when they saw Meera wearing an Abaya. Despite the fact several other fashion models also attended the event, the country’s media focused the actress’ presence in the event. The television said that the actress and models displayed several beautiful Abaya designs and also spread its importance in their messages.


  1. News breaker Meera, in HIJAB, in BIKINI, in SCARF, in BRA, in NOTHING. Very well done, had she not been around the media will be at a loss, as to how release the News that should please the crowd. Long live our media.

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