Decrease in gas supply concerns KESC


The Karachi Electric Supply Company has expressed concern over the sudden decrease in gas supply to 150MMCFD by SSGC to its power plants, as they are affecting the generation capacity.
The KESC has appealed to the federal government to order restoration of the 220MMCFD gas supply level in order to continue with the present reasonable plan of load shedding in the city.
The KESC said that according to the energy policy of the government, power sector had been given priority after domestic consumers. However, the SSGC had demonstrated no concern over the electricity needs of over 20 million population of Karachi and had singularly reduced supply to power generation plants.
The KESC has paid Rs 57.7 billion to the SSGC over the past 18 months against gas worth Rs 54.5 billion. In the last three months, the KESC has paid Rs 9.5 billion to the SSGC despite facing the worst financial crisis.


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