PPP braces for comeback in Punjab as Zardari quits Presidency on Sept 9


President Asif Ali Zardari will reach Lahore on September 8 which will be his last day in Presidency.

Per details, he will proceed to Islamabad on September 9 where he will be given a guard of honour before his formal departure from the Presidency after which he will return to Bilawal House.

In Lahore, Zardari will meet the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) local and provincial leadership besides holding a press conference.

The PPP leadership in Lahore expects Zardari to work for the revival of the PPP in Punjab after he quits Presidency and settles in Lahore.

After quitting the Presidency, Zardari will meet the PPP officials, parliamentarians and office-bearers from every district of Punjab. He will also tour important district headquarters of the province to find the problems in the way of the PPP’s revival in Punjab.

Sources in the PPP also expect organisational changes in the party on national and provincial levels.

PPP Punjab General Secretary Tanvir Ashraf Kaira and party leader Shaukat Basra said the party would resume political activity after Zardari leaves the Presidency.