Afghanistan: Taliban attack US base camp, three militants killed


At least three militants attacked a United States base camp near the Pak-Afghan border in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan on Monday.

Afghans at Torkham reported a series of explosions in and outside the base camp, known as the Forward Operating Base or Sheeraz Qila, situated around one and half a kilometers away from Torkham. US officials camping across the border in Afghanistan did not report any loss.

Per details, militants and suicide bombers first fired rockets and hurled hand grenades at the security guards of the camp and managed to reach the camp’s boundary walls. The US troops used Apache helicopters to repulse the attack.

During the one and a half hour-long encounter, traffic between Pakistan and Afghanistan was suspended and the gate at Torkham was closed. Some people managed to cross the border but no one was allowed to use the road along the US troops’ base camp.

According to sources, the three militants involved in the attack were killed. Afghans at Torkham also reported the destruction of around 42 containers of NATO supplies and damage to 10 US military vehicles.

Taliban militants have claimed responsibility for the attack.



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