Crime in the city: Robberies, firearm injuries and unclaimed dead bodies


As per details, when LDA officials raided a site in the area of Khana against land mafia, the latter opened fire on the former. Consequently, five LDA officials were severely injured. The report said that the police constables who accompanied the LDA workers fled the scene when the firing commenced.
CMP Deputy Director Ifithar Hussain and Assistant Director Umair were among the injured. A FIR was launched at the Khana Police station for further investigation.

As per details, an unidentified corpse was recovered from the Canal Road Underpass near Jinnah Hospital on Saturday. The report said that the police reached the spot and recovered the dead body of an unidentified man after a call made by the area’s residents. The police shifted the body for postmortem.

Many people were deprived from their valuables on Saturday from different areas of the city.
Reports said that a woman named Ayesha was robbed near the Samnabad roundabout when she was returning to her house. The robbers snatched gold, thousands in cash and a mobile phone from her possession before fleeing from the scene. Another citizen named Shahzad was robbed in Iqbal Town. Robbers atop a motorbike took Rs 25,000 in cash and a mobile phone on gunpoint from Shahzad before escaping.
A salesman of a private mobile company was robbed when he was returning from Band Road, after recovery report said, the robbers stopped him on gunpoint and snatched Rs 250,000 cash, mobile phone and escaped,
In another incident, a family was robbed in Gaziabad’s Taj Bagh. One Ibraheem and his family were stopped on gunpoint by two robbers on a motorbike who robbed 8 tolas of gold and other valuables from them before managing to escape.
Moreover, Jinnah Colony’s Ameen was deprived of his motorbike parked at his doorstep. Another citizen named Asgher lost his motorbike from Johar Town’s R-Block when a robber broke into his house and robbed his bike and escaped from the scene.