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A ‘high-tension’ act up the pole

Bhatti Gate’s resident Amjad climbed on a high-tension electricity pole in Sherakot on Sunday.
Rescue teams and police officials including the area’s SHO and SSP reached the spot but he refused to talk to them. After a struggle that lasted several hours, rescue officials safely brought him down with the help of a crane.
A rescue official said that the protester’s house was burnt in 2005 but not a single government representative came to his aid. He added that the protestor was very poor and that someone took Rs 100,000 from him and did not return it. Whenever he went to the Bhatti Gate Police Station, the police officials didn’t file his FIR so he wanted to end his life.
The Sherakot police have now registered an FIR – not against the man who conned Amjad but against Amjad for climbing up the pole.
Reports said that due to his protest, LESCO officials closed the electricity of three circuits which affected half the city including the BUnd Road, Choburgi, Islampura, Sandha, Premnager, Mozang, Shadman, Sadi Park, Gulshan Ravi. A huge traffic jam was also witnessed due to his protest.

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