Police recover 13-year-old chained girl, arrest former MNA




Police on Friday arrested former MNA Liaquat Abbas Bhatti on charges of torturing and imprisoning his 13-year-old housemaid.

Media reports said police raided the residence of the former MNA in JoharTown and recovered a 13-year-old girl who was working at his residence as a maid.

Police took action on a complaint filed by relatives of the girl in which they said that the girl has been allegedly subjected to torture and later was imprisoned at the MNA’s house.

The police team conducted a raid and found 13-year-old Shahida chained in the servant quarter on the second floor of the residence.

The wife of the former MNA opened chains on orders of police.

With the help of information provided by Shahida, her brother was also recovered from another room.

The 14-year-old girl revealed that her father had taken a loan from the former MNA and when he was not able to repay it, she was left at his residence and confined.

“I was brought here six months ago. My parents said that they would not come and take me back.”

According to the former MNA Liaqat Abbas Bhatti, Shahida’s father had left her at their residence on his own free will and she was bound by another servant. Bhatti has been taken into police custody.

Police said a case would be registered after a medical examination of the girl was conducted.



  1. When in power Bhatti clan was resposible for a number of abductions,detentions and rapes.I would appreciate if someone enlighten me the fate of those earlier cases of brutality.

  2. I guess, Nawaz Sharif would accept the mandate of this evil Bhatti and let him go free as well.

  3. Shame on you Liaqat Bhatti I hope that an example is set while punishing you so that people think a 2000 times before doing something like this

  4. A reminder of PML N and Nawaz /SHOWBAZ past. Another crime by two brothers when they remain quiet on such a henious crime.That makes them party to it.

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