Sheikh Rashid escapes firing assault




Awami Muslim League chief and veteran politician Sheikh Rashid narrowly escaped with his life in a firing attack in Islamabad on Thursday.

Per details, Rashid was attacked by unidentified gunmen near Shakar-Paryan in Islamabad at around 10pm.

Report said the AML chief luckily escaped unhurt.

An FIR was to be launched with in I-9 police station against unidentified men, police sources said.

Sheikh Rashid said it was the forth attack on him and he was saved by the bulletproof car which was given to him by the Punjab government.

He said he was thankful to the Punjab government for the provision of security.

PTI chief Imran Khan strongly condemned the attack on Sheikh Rashid.


  1. What a dreamland we the great Momins try to live ?. How many people can afford bullet proof vehicles living in their own country?. It is an irony or a joke world where Pakistani people and leadership live. You're not safe in your own country and try to tell the world Islam is a peaceful religion. Please tell the ignorant Mullah to explain the difference between rhetoric and reality. It is disgusting. SHEIKH JI- thank Allah you are safe.

  2. Shoot every "mullah" and make Pakistan a SECULAR state that the Quaid envisioned!! Religion religion religion 24 hrs a day has led to the state of pathetic affairs in this country.

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