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Mumtaz supports MQM’s call

Though the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has rejected the plans of calling army to control the situation of metropolitan city, its ally in Sindh supported the Mutahida Qaumi Movement’s call to call the army.

Former Sindh governor Mumtaz Bhutto, who merged his entire political party into the PML-N one year ago, supported the verdict of MQM of calling army to control the law and order in the financial hub of Pakistan.

In an interview to local media, he stated that no option could be proved fruitful other than calling armed forces to save the metropolitan city from turning into a hell.

He stated that the people were fleeing their homes leaving everything behind in order to save their lives. The bloodshed and terror would destroy the whole city, so Islamabad should take action to protect the business hub of Pakistan, he demanded.

He also criticised the Sindh governor for his role towards Karachi since he has been in office for the last 12 years. “If the federal govt asks for any solution from me, I will recommend nothing else other than giving the metropolis under the control of army,” he added.

He said according to the statistics provided by the government and media, 22,000 people had been killed and yet no one had claimed responsibility. During the last six years of government, everyone from top to bottom preferred to loot rather than taking necessary steps to control the situation of the largest city of Pakistan.

He further added that the government was unable to fulfill the duties they were get elected for and in such a situation what could be expected other than a hostile takeover.

He concluded that the Pakistan People’s Party led by Bhutto was no more in the country as the results of May 11 elections were in front of everyone. What was the future of a political party whose founder’s assassins were still at large, he questioned.

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