Zardari refused my offer to prolong his stay in Presidency, claims Pir Ejaz


Muhammad Ijaz, President Asif Ali Zardari’s renowned pir, on Monday claimed that he had told the president that he could use his magical powers to help Zardari stay in the Presidency for more time, but the president had refused his offer.

“President Zardari does not want to stay in the Presidency anymore,” Pir Ijaz said at a dinner hosted in the honour of senior journalists at the Presidency.

Pir Ejaz said he had been with Zardari since a long time and would stay with him wherever he would go.

Asked that he had earlier claimed that President Zardari would stay in office for at least another year-and-a-half but now he was about to leave, Ijaz said, “I had asked my friend that I could do something if he wanted to stay in the Presidency for more time, but he does not want to stay there anymore”.

He said Zardari’s enemies had played every possible trick to remove him from office but they had remained unsuccessful as “I had promised Zardari that I will protect him”.

“I had also promised my friend that I’d keep him in the Presidency for five years and I have fulfilled that promise.”

To a question, he said he had met Zardari for the first time in Attock in 2002 and had predicted then that he would soon be “promoted” and would stay in the country’s “biggest house”.

He also claimed that when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was in Attock Jail, he had met with Nawaz’ father thrice there and had predicted that his son would definitely be released.


  1. Dear Zardari, Congratulate you to complete your TENURE. Appriciate your good desire and HELP to complete TENURE of NAWAZ SHARIF to develope ECONOMIC STRUCTURE of PAK-WATAN. But if you remember, that I WAS THE FIRST PERSON WHO ALLERT YOU from THE CHEATERS N MUNAFIQ GROUPS ARROUND YOU. This PIR is also a Munafiq. OK. NOW YOU HAVE TO HELP NAWAZ SHARIF from the MUNAFIQ PERSONS ALSO. GOOD BYE. (Abdul Qayyum Janjua ITALIA)

  2. Allah talla ka is Pir ko smajahay. Unbelievable what age and time we live in this news and and the reporter should be ashamed of themselves to post such a ridiculous news.

  3. my comment is already on your facebook – i bet you will not publish this – in any case worse comments have been posted – your loss

  4. what does this Pir not become the PM or president of Pakistan , pitty the sick mind of the man who is being led by another sick mind

  5. So now we are into the saga of pirs all over.ZAB had a pir in the rural sind. Now his son in law had a resident pir in the house. I am reliable informed a black goat used to be sacrificed every month to keep the evil devil away from Zardari. Now our great hope Imran too has a pir who has told him his time has come!. Our present PM has a tender spot for Datta Darbar. How come on one side we love pirs on one side and destroy their shrines on the otherside?. Since Zardari,s pir seems to have a lot of experience how about appointing him as an expert international relations esp with India since they have a lot of pirs too. They could compete with each other. Welcome to Pakistan where pirs rule the roost.

  6. A new ministry should be set up headed by a peer. He will be supreme head of all councils including the security council, economic, etc.

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