Indus, Chenab flowing in medium flood


River Indus was flowing in medium flood at Guddu and in low flood at Chashma and Sukkur-Kotri Reach on Tuesday.

According to the daily report by the Ministry of Water and Power, River Chenab was also flowing in medium flood at Panjnad, while River Ravi and River Sutlej were flowing in low flood at Sidhnai and Islam Headworks respectively.

Other main rivers, Jhelum and Kabul were flowing normally. Tarbela reservoir had attained its maximum conservation level of 1550 feet since August 20, while the Mangla reservoir was at an elevation of 1233.95 feet, which was 8.05 feet below its maximum conservation level of 1242.00 feet.

Dam management authorities had already been advised to take utmost care and be vigilant in operation and strictly following filling criteria and safety guidelines.

The combined live storage position of Tarbela, Chashma and Mangla reservoirs is 13.567 MAF this year as compared to last year’s 8.637 MAF.