India asks Pakistan to hand over Dawood Ibrahim


India has asked Pakistan to hand over underworld don Dawood Ibrahim to New Delhi, Indian Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said on Tuesday.

Shinde, who was responding to supplementaries during the Question Hour in Lok Sabha, said he had a talk with Pakistan’s interior minister in this regard and had also raised this matter with Interpol.

According to the Indian media, Abdul Karim Tunda, the arrested Lashkar-e-Tayyaba’s ‘bomb expert’, has claimed that Dawood Ibrahim is still in Karachi.

Until now Pakistan has denied his presence on its soil, though Indian security agencies have repeatedly mentioned his name and details in dossiers handed over to Pakistani authorities.

According to reports, Ibrahim was based in Karachi, where he had fled after the 1993 Mumbai bombings in which 257 people were killed and over 700 injured.


  1. We already have one master, now we are getting another one telling us how to dance. Since when a tortured victim's words are considered a reliable evidence. Even if he is in Karachi, he should not be handed over. India's enemy will always be our friends. Those of you who are too young, should read the history of Bhopat, he came to Pakistan & remained here. We never handed him over to India. We do not owe a penny to those coward, tyrants.

    • Sir, how long will you treat India as your enemy ? Do you see any possibility of an end to this ?


  2. Even if he is so ?
    Under International Law, he cannot even be touched if he is in Pakistan or even in Pakistan's High Commission in India (which counts as Pakistan's land), henceforth requiring an Extradition Treaty to be in place between two countries, which cannot be foreseen any time soon in future. So, chill Indians, he is a guest 🙂

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