Three beauty Queens to be present at MR/Miss Pakistan world 2013


This year a cut throat competition would be seen with lots of beautiful ladies competing for one for the most prominent beauty title of Pakistan. Misbah Iqbal is the 1st ever crowned Mrs. Pakistan World to make history in 2007. Misbah graduated as a Certified Medical Assistant in 2002, currently attending University of Houston majoring in Biology with minoring in Sociology and Women’s studies. With her effortless, flawless, and striking beauty she is the mother of three kids currently working as an ER Nurse in different hospitals and still devotes her time at home with her family & friends. Farah Mahmood is the 6th Mrs. Pakistan World and crowned in January this year. She has a degree in English, is a personal trainer and has been happily married for 20 years with 4 children. Every portrait of her is so impeccable and spotless depicting her way to carry indisputably classy, elegant, and modish look. Mahmood’s opinion motivated her to take very crucial step in achieving female empowerment. Naila Mir Afzal Khan is Former Miss Pakistan 2009 who participated in the Miss Tourism International 2009 pageant in Malaysia. Naila is the recipient of Miss Perfect Ten title in the pageant currently working with Orange Models as a model and works at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. Naila will be participating in more pageants by representing Pakistan internationally. Her beauty emanates elegance, syrupiness, and tranquility with her overall sensation is so cool, calm and the ultimate reason of her success. Three Beauty Queens; Misbah Iqbal, Farah Mahmood and Naila Mir Afzal Khan would be honorable guests at Miss/Mr. Pakistan World 2013 to memorize the event with dance and culture. I would like to wish all the contestants, guests, entrepreneur and fonder Sonia Ahmed. Best of luck!

Gule Sheikh and Azeem Pasha to host Miss & Mr. Pakistan World 2013

This year’s Master of Ceremonies for the 11th Annual Miss Pakistan World and 3rd Annual Mr. Pakistan World are Gule Sheikh and Azeem Pasha. Gulé Sheikh is the first Pakistani Female Fitness competitor & winner of a fitness model category in bodybuilding. Winning with two organizations: International Drug Free Athletics (IDFA) World Championships & Ontario Physique Association (OPA). Gulé took the world by surprise when she decided her to compete in bodybuilding/fitness competitions. Born and raised in Canada, Gulé has always dared to do the extraordinary. Gulé’s mission to help women see their full potential by feeling empowered and in control of their body and health is already changing so many people’s lives already. Dr. Azeem Pasha MD MPH FACEP is a Pakistani-American born in Chicago with family from Karachi, Pakistan. By profession Azeem is known as Dr. Pasha, a residency trained board certified Emergency Medicine in Chicago, IL. He has been working clinically in the field of Emergency Medicine for the past 15 years.

Naumaan Ijaz to be the Guest of Honour at the 11th Miss Pakistan World 2013

Naumaan Ijaz, is a Pakistani television/film actor and is known as the pride of Pakistan. His acting skills in various known dramas in Pakistan have given him the highest position in the list of top performers in the Pakistani film and drama industry. Ijaz started his education at Cathedral High School in Lahore and then he studied Law at Punjab University, but there after Ijaz became an actor. His career began in Lahore, Pakistan. With his handsome rugged looks and his huge female following Ijaz is known to give amazing performances one after the other! Recently Naumaan Ijaz has given beautiful performances in his recent dramas on Hum TV, “Rihaee” and “Ullo Baraye Farokht Nahi” but his biggest hit was a few years back for the drama “Mera Saaein” By ARY Digital. Ijaz is on the way to more hits and more amazing performances and soon would be seen in various Canadian and American productions as well! Miss Pakistan World and Mr. Pakistan World 2013 welcomes Naumaan Ijaz as their Guest of Honor Ijaz will be awarding the 3rd Mr. Pakistan World 2013 contest winner!


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