Rhodes advises seizure-affected Umar to be patient


Former South African batsman Jonty Rhodes has advised Pakistani batsman Umar Akmal to be patient and follows the doctor’s advice for his seizure illness.

Umar Akmal has recently been diagnosed with seizure, which is co-related with epilepsy, the disease which affected the Test players like late Tony Greig and Jonty Rhodes. In medical terms, the frequent attacks of seizure is called epilepsy.

Speaking exclusively over his mobile from South Africa, the 45-year-old Rhodes said, “Umkar Akmal has to be patient and strictly follow the medications prescribed by his doctor”.

“A seizure is a sudden surge of vibration creative activity in the brain. The frequency of attack is different in different people because all people have different brains”.

Earlier this month, the youngest of Adnan and Kamran Akmals, Umar had to spend a night in hospital after a seizure on the flight to Jamaica in West Indies where he went to play.

“Akmal has a long cricketing career ahead and this disease is curable if proper dosage of medicine is maintained. He must look after himself”, Rhodes added.

Rhodes had a very mild form of epilepsy, so he never had to go  I had a very mild form of epilepsy, so never had to go on medication for long.

Nowadays, with the medication available, you can continue with your life, and never have to feel that you suffer from this disease”, he signed off.

Akmal has been seen by Lahore’s renowned neuro physician Dr. Atiq ur Rehman, who has advised him for some more tests. “The seizure attack is confirmed but the issue is not serious. May be due to stress or lack of sleep or over playing, this may have occurred  With passage of time and rest, he will recover”, the PCB official said.