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PIA chairman, MD to be appointed in 45 days, SC informed

The Supreme Court was informed on Monday that the new chairman and managing director of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) would be appointed within 45 days in accordance with law.

The assurance was given by PIA’s counsel to the two-member bench headed by Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, which resumed hearing in a suo motu case regarding irregularities and illegalities in the national flag carrier.

During the course of proceedings, Raja Bashir, counsel for PIA, submitted before the court that advertisements seeking applications for the posts of chairman and MD had already been published in leading newspapers.

The advertisement for the slot of MD was even uploaded on the PIA’s website, he said.

The counsel said as many as 22 applications had been received for the post of chairman and 300 for the MD.

He contended that the new chairman and the MD would take up the matter regarding political appointments in PIA.

While expressing dismay over the pathetic condition of the national flag carrier, the court said PIA ranked at the bottom of international airlines due to irregularities and illegalities.

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  1. RIZWAN IQBAL said:

    It is disgraceful for a Businessman PM not to do things properly, would he select on soothsayers for his companies or would he select on merit? while if he did do the latter he would not be a businessman so why is there dishonesty when he deals with the coffers of Pakistan? If he selected on merit immediately then he would not have the SC down is neck. It shows the world that corruption and dishonesty is paramount in Pakistan.

    SC would not stop a foreigner in coming in to run PIA or a dual national as long as he was a professional as it is done all over the world. But maybe N league would be worried as a true professional would not be interested in towing the Govt line he would be towing the best for PIA.

    It looks as there 45 days are up. the Advert was closed in August and now its ending of October, is this not sheer in-competence or should it be the SC run the country and people like PM and his cronies or irrelevant when it comes to decisive action or should i say they cannot decide for the betterment of the country but if they had to select on hand pick it would be done and finished………………………ALLAH SAVE PIA AND PAKISTAN

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