ECP accounts: AGP points out irregularities of Rs 120m


The auditor general of Pakistan (AGP) has pointed financial irregularities of around Rs 120 million in the accounts of the Election Commission Pakistan (ECP), a private television channel reported on Sunday.

According to the AGP, the ECP had got all election-related printing done from only one printer, the Pakistan Post Printing Foundation (PPPF), without opening a tender for public bidding.

The ECP had spent Rs 49.2 million on printing from the PPPF, he said.

The AGP said around Rs 68.1 million spent on printing from an unrelated accounting head were not adjusted in the ECP’s financial statement.

According to the AGP’s audit, indelible ink worth Rs 5 million was wasted and Rs 1.8 million were spent to buy a new car which was not approved by the relevant authorities.

Stating that the ECP had failed to clarify these irregularities, the AGP said those involved in the act should be brought to book.