Pro-govt militant commander killed in attack in Wana | Pakistan Today

Pro-govt militant commander killed in attack in Wana

A pro-government militant commander, Ghulam Jan, his driver and three personal security guards were killed in an improvise explosives devise (IED) attack near Wana, the headquarters of South Waziristan Agency, on Thursday.

Officials and tribesmen in Wana said Jan was on way from Mana to Wana when unidentified militants targeted his vehicle with an IED, killing Jan along with all on board.

Jan was one of the commanders of government’s loyalist militants. He was stated to have links with the Mullah Nazir group, after he disassociated himself from the banned Tehreeke-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) a couple of years ago.

After his disassociation from the TTP, most of his time and energies were consumed in resistance against the US-led allied forces across the border in Afghanistan. He returned to Wana three months ago.

Jan was surrounded by a large number of foreign militants, mostly associated with the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IUM).

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