PM ready to hold closed-door meeting with Imran, Kayani




Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday said the prime minister had accepted his demand of holding a closed-door meeting with him and the army chief to get a view of the security situation in the country.

Talking to noted news anchor Hamid Mir in his TV programme, Khan said the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief minister would also be part of the meeting.

TO a question, Khan said the PTI had a policy to fight terrorism and to put it forward the party needed a forum like the all-parties conference. “But before the APC, I want to meet the army chief and Nawaz Sharif, along with KP CM,” he said.

Asked about the reason for his insistence over the demand, Khan said he wanted to know “how the nation’s hands had been tied”

“We want to know about no go areas, about drone attacked so that we can make a better policy. For example we kept condemning drone attacks, but later found that the government (Pervez Musharraf) had given permission for the attacks, so its better to clear things first.”

The PTI chief said if “you want to stop terrorism, you have to stop drone attacks first”.

“It is because drones attacks link us with the US war on terror and than Taliban call fighting against the US jihad and start attacking Pakistan as well. We first have to separate ourselves from the war.”

To a question, he said if the Balochistan or Sindh chief minister wished to meet the COAS, they had the right to demand so.


  1. .
    'Bluetoungue Lizard' is going to get a 'confession' from the Army Chief and PM behind the closed door …
    LMFAO …

  2. Forget about resolving drone attacks and the on going terrorism as long as Nawaz sharif and his beloved brother are in charge. They neither have a plan nor the right people in places to advise them. Imran khan is the man that the country needs to lead out of these bad times, unfortunately the election was stolen away from his party and him.

    • Ajaz, you're going unreasonably and illogically harsh on him when you say he was sucking up to the US.

      However, the second part, I agree — this should have happened a little earlier. But atleast, it's a first real initiative, but I'm going to hang on from praising him until this meeting actually happens.

  3. nawaz sharif is completely useless
    he has had 6 chances, he needs to resign
    imran will progressively become the dominant force in Pakistan's politics, he
    has more energy and the right kind of people are joining his party.

    PTI needs just 2 yrs and we need to be patient till then

    • PTI needs just 2 years who lost the election and on the other side you don't want to give 2 months to heavily elected PM NS.

      What a hypocrisy ? PTI supports have lost all the common sense.

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