PHC orders action against negligent doctors


The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) has referred the cases of three senior doctors to the Health Department (PHD) for disciplinary action after receiving complaints against the doctors.
According to a PHC spokesman, Services Hospital Gynecology Unit 3’s Assistant Professor Dr Sara Ejaz, Senior Registrar Dr Khadija Waheed and Post Graduate Trainee Dr NazishIshaq were found guilty and thus referred to the PHD by the PHC.
Action was taken on a complaint filed against the Services Hospital by Afzal Ahmed whose 29-year-old wife Khalida had died due to complications after a C-section surgery.
The late Khalida was a known high-risk patient and the complainant alleged that her death could have been prevented if her operation had been carried out by an experienced surgeon.
After a detailed investigation into the matter, the PHC found that the surgery had been performed by a trainee doctor instead of the senior doctor who was present and, therefore, the PHC had ordered for strict action against the doctors involved in the matter.