Robbers sack 6kg of gold, still on the loose | Pakistan Today

Robbers sack 6kg of gold, still on the loose

The police have failed to arrest robbers who made away with gold worth Rs 27.5 million from Gawal Mandi.
According to sources, a jeweler, Zeeshan, possessing 6kg of gold was travelling with his colleague, Kashif, when robbers held them on gunpoint near Nisbet Road.
The accused took the jewelers to BRB Canal where they murdered Kashif and injured Zeeshan brutally before fleeing with the gold.
Zeshan was later shifted to a hospital and the police filed an FIR against the accused on the Zeeshan’s request.
Investigation’s In-charge Asghar Ali told Pakistan Today that the criminals would soon be apprehended.
Jeweler Association Rang Mehal President Mahtab Khan told Pakistan Today that they would continue their shutter down strike till the police arrested the criminals, adding that DIG Rai Tahir had assured him that the criminals would be arrested.
He said that the dacoits had information that Zeeshan was possessing gold and that it was now the police’s duty to arrest the criminals. Furthermore, he said that the criminals must have had a market-based contact who informed them of Zeeshan’s departure. Mahtab said that the police had demanded for a few days to arrest the criminals, and a protest aginst the police would begin if they were not true to their word.

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