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Fazl hails PM’s resolve to talk with militants

Fazlur Rehman, chief of his own faction of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F), has hailed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s resolve to come up with anti-terrorism policy in his first speech to the nation.
According to his spokesman, Jan Achakzai, the cleric said Nawaz Sharif has shown clear intention to use dialogue with militants as a preferred option. He hoped that the government would formally invite the Taliban for talks in the coming days.
He said Nawaz has also linked solution of terrorism to economic revival which is a good omen. He hoped that the prime minister would soon unveil anti-terrorism policy draft and share with the nation.
He welcomed the affirmation of Kashmir issue as juggler vein saying that robust diplomatic engagement with India will raise the hopes of Kashmiris.
He also said Afghanistan’s policy revisit would also help draw all good lessons for Pakistan, adding, “Good relations and promoting reconciliation among Afghans should be the much needed objective for us as well to ensure peace in Pakistan and the region.”
Referring to drone policy in the speech, the cleric said that diplomatic surge was needed to raise the issue with the US hoping that the PML-N government would clearly take onboard the nation that it has no input in drone strikes.
He said that emphasis of the PM on resolving energy crisis and undertaking other economic measures would also help lessen the problems of the people. He assured full support to the prime minister for restoring peace and resolving the people’s problems.

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