CDA’s cold shoulder puts slum dwellers in troubled waters


The overflowing water in nullahs have wreaked havoc on the residents of the federal capital as the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is least interested to address their miseries.

Dozens of mud houses have been washed away in Sectors G-7, I-11 and H-10 slums.

Aneel, a resident of Sector G-7 Katchi Abadi said that heavy rains have caused nullahs to overflow and dirty water to accumulate inside their homes. “We not only have to get rid of the filthy water but have to clean our homes several times,” he added.

Robin, a government servant complained that CDA is not making efforts to provide relief to the residents of Katchi Abadis. “No action is being taken to clear away the standing water which is creating a lot of problems,” he said.

Bashir, a senior citizen said that the polluted water has spread many diseases among the residents, especially children. Another resident, Daniyal said that the rains have clogged the drains completely causing sewerage water to overflow and is spreading diseases.”

Residents demanded the CDA to take immediate action and to clear the sewerage system to ensure smooth drainage of rain water.

CDA’s NEGLIGENCE EXPOSED: Roads of the federal capital have turned into standing ponds after the recent spell of monsoon rains unveiled the poor arrangements made by Capital Development Authority (CDA).

As per details, billions of rupees were spent for the new road infrastructure in the city but the poor drainage system has created large potholes on different roads being a major cause of accidents. Several vehicles fallen into large pits had to be pulled out with the help of cranes.

However, instead of repairing the roads CDA finds it more convenient to block them.

Moreover, the authority has also failed to clear the roads of fallen trees in Blue Area, Sectors F-6 and F-7 including other areas of the city. Citizens have demanded from higher authorities to solve this problem immediately.


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