APC is a counter-productive exercise: SM Zafar


The All Parties Conference (APC) may be a good forum to express condemnation of some inhuman, reprehensible, outrageous acts or situation like what is prevailing in the Indian-held Kashmir, India or Palestine, says a press release issued by PML Senator SM Zafar.
It may also be called to express determination and a will of the nation to adopt a particular course of action.
Even a resolution of such desirable objects in an APC achieves less than desired, on account of its inner dynamics to reach at consensus, thus accommodating the minority view though less relevant and least effective.
The national security is a complex, divergent and multi-dimensional problem and particularly so in Pakistan which is facing various forms of devastating and debilitating terrorism adversely affecting the security of the country. The spectrum of the menace runs from anti-Pakistan propaganda and activity to ethnic, sectarian and mafia’s target-killing.
In the situation in which Pakistan finds itself today, and the responsibility is of the government in power which has the mandate of the people to take a courageous decision to deal with the problems, formulating separate and self-contained course of action and strategy for different types of menace which is confronting the writ of the state in Baluchistan, Karachi and KP wherein the actors of destruction have different agendas and different supporters.
The laudable object of having everyone on the same page can be later achieved through strategic communication by a well meaning and determined government. The government has to take the bull by horn.
The government should not let the APC be a cause of delay as the decision should be taken now and not in distant tomorrow.