250,000 kanals of land for Economic and Multipurpose Zone


Preparations have been finalised for construction of an Economic and Multipurpose Zone on 250,000 kanals of land in the federal capital including adjacent districts of Rawalpindi and Attock.
Letters have been written to the DCOs of Rawalpindi and Attock to get the possession of land.
According to notification issued by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the Economic and Multipurpose Zone will be established on approximately 260,179 kanals of land in Rawat, and adjacent districts.
Pakistan Avenue Limited, a construction company, will acquire the land for the purpose. The land will be acquired in Rawat, Kotla, Jaba, Sumbal, Gahal, Sod, Sangera, Motri Lakiyal, Serhandi, Malana, Dera, Jaber Miana and other areas.
Meanwhile, prominent personalities of the areas expressing concerns on the project said that the land sought for is the sole source of income for small farmers who earn their livelihood by cultivating crops on the lands. They said that depriving the small farmers of their land will mean pushing them into starvation and increasing unemployment in the region. They said that they spent their lives working for the success of the current government and fully trust the PML-N leadership, adding the leaders will resolve the problems in better interest of the residents.
The notables of the area demanded the PML-N leadership to take notice of the situation and stop the project as that would evict them from the land of their forefathers.


  1. we are not ready for sale any land in our home land area however, if PML-N leadership wants this than we given the land recent rate of Islamabad area, (RS. 20,00000 per kanal) if any PMN-L leadership are agree please contact with me please.

  2. راولپنڈی ی اسلامآباد کے عوام تازہ سبزیوں سے مجروم ہو جاییں گے

  3. Project will increase ecological issues for twin cities including deprivation of water to the residents of Rawalpindi in the West. Govt functionaries may think twice before putting such disastrous proposals in front of Policy makers. Act wise and save twin cities. Better it will be to have new cities than expanding the existing one.

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