Khan wants people to vote for PTI’s ideology in by-polls


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Monday urged supporters to vote for the party’s ideology, not its candidates, in the upcoming by-elections.

Addressing a gathering in connection with the election campaign for the by-polls, Khan said, “Do not look at who the PTI’s candidate is, just vote for the party’s ideology,” the cricketer-turned-politician said.

He urged the people of Mianwali to vote for the PTI on August 22 as they had voted for him in the May 11 general elections.

He said he wanted a Pakistan where there was justice, equality and respect for all, adding that politics of personalities and families had caused the country great amount of damage.

Khan said he had left the Mianwali seat to make the party stronger in all parts of the country.

“Those politicians who used to take their turns to come into power had now become billionaires. People must realize now the power of vote for ideology,” Khan said.

He asked the people to fully participate with the PTI in August 22 by-elections, and vowed to promote education in the area.


  1. IK is a dedicated politician and majority believes him. They will vote his ideology He was winner in general election but was cheated by thugs of PMLN with ROs. Wish him best of luck in Located Body Elections

  2. imran khan is the best becayse he is an honest person and does what he says InshAllah he will win and we will soon see naya pakistan

  3. people need to do themselves a favor by voting for PTI candidates. The other candidates do not have any commitment to speak the truth and oppose Mian saab and his beloved brother from money laundering and other corrupt practices.

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