PM to address nation today


Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif will address the nation through television and radio on August 19 (today).

Per details, in his first address after holding the office of PM, Nawaz will take the nation in confidence on the issues of energy crises, law and order, war against terror and international affairs, especially relations with India.

According to a source, the PM is likely to make a special announcement in his address which will portray his policy regarding national and international affairs.



  1. he cannot take nation into confidence who lost every trust already for betraying his voters,lying to them,deceiving them through his merciless-butcher darcula,dracula finance minister.all his promises again would be lies,rersion,mmaking fool of public and killing them with highest ever mehangi and utility rates.mln,mns is only interested in building their business empire by hundred of trillions by their business orientedpolicies.BETTER HE DOES NOT INJURE POOR BY HIS MOST UNTRUSTED ADDRESS .PEOLOE DO NOT BELIEVE THIS GOVERNMENT ONE BIT.IT IS ENEMY OF POOR,MIDDLE CLASS,WIDOWS,SAFAIDPOSHS

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