Militants kill ‘estranged’ tribal elder Ajab Khan


Leading tribal elder from Dama Dola of Bajaur Agency and member of Peace Lashkar, Malik Ajab Khan, was shot dead by militants in his home late on Saturday night.

The official at Khar, headquarters of Bajaur Agency, informed that Malik Ajab Khan was in his home when a group of militants intruded and shot him dead. Malik Ajab Khan breathed his last instantly but the assailants escaped successfully.

Though the officials were reluctant to say something about the background of Malik Ajab Khan, the tribesmen told Pakistan Today that he (Ajab Khan) was earlier associated with banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Bajaur chapter. He made reconciliation with government in 2011 and after joining the government, Ajab Khan became part of Peace Lashkar, they said. The militants associated with banned TTP Bajaur Agency, who have presently taken shelter on Pak-Afghan border, told local media at Kunar province of Afghanistan that they shot Ajab Khan dead. “The fighters who killed Ajab Khan returned successfully after accomplishing the task,” they added.

Local media in Kunar province informed that militants had accused Ajab Khan of spying for the armed forces against them, so he was shot dead.

The militants sheltering across the border in Afghanistan or in no-man land on both sides of the border have been carrying out deadly attacks against the security forces, government-loyal tribesmen and common people in both Bajaur and Dir regions.

Meanwhile, one security jawan and a militant were killed in a clash at Jamrud Khyber Agency on Sunday morning. An official said that a group of militants were to attack a NATO convoy. However, personnel of Khasadar forces foiled their attack. Officials said a jawan of the forces was killed and two others injured. However, one militant was also killed, they added.