KWSB MD visits NKATI to claim outstanding dues


Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB) Managing Director (MD) Misbahuddin Farid visited North Karachi Association of Trade and Industries (NKATI) with Deputy Technical Services Managing Director Iftikhar Ahmed and other officials of the utility and discussed various issues with the association in addition to asking the association to clear its outstanding dues to aid the utility.
Farid said that Karachi was the industrial and economic hub of the country and the KW&SB was always striving to resolve complaints by industries on priority basis and provide businesses with exceptional services since they were the major consumers of the service in the city. He however stated that industrialists would also have to understand their responsibilities and pay their dues on time. Chairman of the NKATI briefing the KW&SB MD over the problems stated that industries in the North Karachi require a 12 inch additional connection to fulfill their needs and requested approval for the connection. Moreover, he said the federal government had directed NKATI to establish hydrants in the industrial zone in order to aid rescue during fire emergencies. Farid ordered that a survey be conducted of the consumers and their suggestions for improving water supply situation and supply in the area be submitted to him. He also directed his organizations crews to monitor the supply in the area as well as maintain coordination between KW&SB and NKATI officials. He said that KW&SB is ensuring provision through equal and fair supply policy to all areas but he said all this could only be ensured if citizens and industrialists paid their dues on time so that KW&SB could ensure provision of facilities through proper maintenance of KW&SB infrastructure. He said that facilities can be improved with the help of consumers and industrialists of the city.