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NA expresses concern over incidents of violence in Egypt

The National Assembly unanimously passed a resolution on Thursday expressing grave dismay and concern over the incidents of violence in Egypt.

The resolution, moved by Jamaat-e-Islami’s Sahibzada Tariqullah, said the use of force by security forces against protesters has resulted in a large number of deaths throughout Egypt.

It said “the House supported the brotherly people of Egypt and calls upon the government to express concern over the deaths of so many innocent lives. The government of Egypt should show restraint and resolve the issue through constitutional, legal and political means by adhering to dialogue among all the parties so that democracy can be restored as soon as possible in accordance with the wishes of the people of Egypt”.

Earlier on a point of order, Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan said Pakistan was concerned over recent incidents of violence in Egypt claiming large number of lives.

He said Egypt was a sovereign country “but in this era of democracy and human rights and massacre of people cannot be allowed”.

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