Story of a slippery tongue and martyred president


Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Qaim Ali Shah’s tongue slipped one time too many when he on Wednesday declared President Zardari as a martyr


  1. The news item gives no details about when Qaim Ali Shah said this and in what context.I hope and pray that Zardari is actually blessed with martyrdom.He amply deserves it.

  2. Later, an awareness walk was also initiated by the participants from Kalma Chowk to ChildrenHospital where MSP Hanzala Malik talking to journalists said that the initiative would create awareness among departments and the general public as well.

  3. The Story of a slippery tongue is becoming viral over internet. Qaim Ali Shah is a good political leader and he always try to study and solve the problems of the common people. I have read some of the books written by him.

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